Asset Tracking & IoT

What is IoT?

The Internet of things (IoT) is a network of devices such as vehicles, equipment or any asset that contain electronic hardware, software, actuators and connectivity which allows these “things” to connect to the cloud or each other, to interact and exchange data.


Why IoT? 

Our clients use our IoT solutions for predictive quality and maintenance and to remotely monitor or track their operations and assets from anywhere. Our solutions enable companies to make informed decisions and improve productivity and efficiency.


Practical examples 

  • Track and monitor movable assets (Vehicles, Pallets, Trolleys) – Indoor & Outdoor
  • Accurate GEO Location
  • Movement detection
  • Geo-fencing and Geo-fence breach
  • Telemetry
  • Automation
  • Optimized data collection, change detection & automatic alerts according to business rules.
  • Powerful dashboards and analytics
  • Accessible real-time visibility
  • Speed detection and alert and driver logging
  • Fleet management
  • Integration with current systems, i.e. ERP System

Powerful analytics 

Data management, analytics & Business Intelligence

We collect the vast amounts of transmitted data and transform it into insightful information.

With powerful and customized dashboards, analytics and management reports, we  provide valuable insight and enable our clients to make informed decisions faster and enable new fundamental business processes.